Restaurant Witnessing for Veterans Day

This mission, along with dozens of churches around the country, gather in front of Golden Corral restaurants, Texas Roadhouse restaurants, and other local restaurants to help with the Great Commission. Volunteers hand out the BAFM Military Gospel Packet and offer a thank you and gratitude for the sacrifice and service that the members of the U.S. Armed Forces have given to protect our freedom.

Each year, we pray for more opportunities to share the Gospel message on Veterans Day. Thanks to the prayers and support from many volunteers, we had many new restaurants open to our mission this year, as well as continued support from faithful restaurants. Please be in prayer that each of these will open even wider opportunities for our 2023 Veterans Day and Military Appreciation Day events.

What started at one Golden Corral location ten years ago has grown. Thanks to our volunteers, we had 33 restaurants from 7 different restaurant chains. New restaurants this year included Chick-fil-A and Shoney’s in Ohio, Mission Bar BQ’s in Florida. We had 104 laborers brave the weather from Taylor, MI to Fort Lauderdale, FL to Longview, TX, and many spots in between.

There were over 9,300 Gospel packets handed out; with 20 items in each packet, giving the Holy Ghost 182,000 “little preachers” to use to bring folks to Christ.

This event would never have been possible without the faithful financial donors who have helped pay for all the literature. For the laborers who God has raised up, we truly thank the Lord for their vision and burden for souls. Jesus will have your reward when you meet Him in heaven!

I thank you for your vision and look forward to laboring with you in 2023.