When You Have Questions…The Bible Has Answers

Our mission has been to share the GOOD NEWS with members of our Armed Forces. We appreciate our freedom and all that has been done towards that and want to help those who need to know Jesus before it’s too late.

What started as a street ministry in October, 2001 by passing out Gospel tracts while cars entered our military bases, has progressed through an international ministry of sending information to our troops and veterans. Our printed Bible Study lessons have helped hundreds so far, and we are looking forward to advancing that message in new ways.

The Bible begins with God. It does not set out to prove His existence. But He does want a relationship with each of us. Our simple lessons hope to introduce you to some important truths about the Bible, God and His Son Jesus Christ, and your future.

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The GOOD NEWS contains two books of the Bible and encouraging words to begin a Bible study to learn more about God and your relationship with Him.

Through ongoing donations, we pay for distribution as an insert into newspapers across the country in an effort to reach as many of our Servicemembers, Veterans, and their families as possible. We also find drop-off points to leave these as a free resource for anyone to takeā€¦convenience stores, gas stations, waiting rooms, etc.

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