God is continuing to show me His plan with our Veterans and American Legion organizations.

I continue to thank Him for the work the Mississippi Auxiliary ladies did while in Natchez, MS. They took over 800 Gospel packets to use in their local communities.

This past week, the North Carolina American Legion convention brought a similar dedication, with at least seven cases of Gospel packets taken to share back home. There were also about 200 people attending the conference who took a packet with them.

God made it clear to me that there are no age restrictions when helping plant seeds of His message. One box of Gospel packets was easily carried out by a 90-year-old Auxiliary lady who was ready to share our messages with others!

Invitations to meet other groups, new pastors and churches continue. A 21-year retired Army Warrant Office visited our table at the convention and is looking forward to working with our mission. This born-again Christian has a wife and five children; and he invited me to meet his pastor. We’re praying that God fosters these introductions and helps more to take place!

This past weekend we were also able to meet the American Legion National Commander and looks as if we will be at the National Conference in Milwaukee this Fall. Doors continue to open for the mission and again, I can’t thank you enough for your prayers.

Photo – Joe Clifford from Gospel Light Baptist Church in Walkertown, NC started witnessing with me 17 years ago outside Fort Stewart Georgia. It was great having him at this American Legion conference last week!

Gospel Baptist Church
This coming Sunday, I will be at Gospel Baptist Church in Connelly Springs, NC to talk during their mission-focused Sunday School hour and the Church hour. Pastor Matt Holman made it clear to me that he wants the folks to know exactly what we have been doing.

Thank you for praying for these types of meetings and please continue to pray we will find more pastors who can see the big picture.

I love you all and please continue to pray we can get my head and legs to work together.

If you are able to help offset the cost of printing The Good News, or these Gospel packets, please click the donate button…and we thank you greatly!

E-Newsletter sent on February 23, 2022 – Brother Patrick Hayes