I want to thank you who continue to keep this mission in your ongoing prayers

The American Legion Convention in Natchez, Mississippi this month was a challenge and a blessing. The time and location were both changed, and my head was trying to keep up with all that. God had a plan for those days that was better than mine.

At the end of the three days, we ended up with about 800 Gospel packets going out from the Natchez meeting across the state of Mississippi.

One of the ladies there took 240 of our packets for her work at the VA hospital and 120 for care packages being sent to Iraq. God is raising up workers to help who are new to me.

Upcoming Events
The North Carolina American Legion meeting is February 17-19 in Raleigh; please pray we will have another opportunity there.

In March, the Gospel Light Baptist Church in Walkertown, NC is having a Missions conference. We have been invited to participate March 10-12. Please pray we will have all the material needed to make the project a success. The goal will be to collate 15,000 packets.

Picking up GOOD NEWS papers from Franklin, TN was cancelled because the company cannot get the paper. We should be heading to Jacksonville, FL to pick up another 20,000 Papers this week.

I will be speaking in Sumter, SC this coming Sunday. Pray this church will want to take the mission on for financial support.

Ongoing Prayers
Thank you for your prayers. If you can help support the printing for these upcoming events, we appreciate your help by clicking the Donate Link.

E-Newsletter sent on January 20, 2022 – Brother Patrick Hayes