God’s Timing is Perfect!

One of our Gospel military packets shared three years ago at the 100th Anniversary of the American Legion in Indianapolis, brought me a request now to share 500 of these to the VA hospitals in north Mississippi during Christmas.

I drove towards Baldwyn, MS to deliver these packets to the American Legion; but first…

Army Guard in Booneville
Looking for a motel, I drove past an Army Guard unit having a drill weekend at the Armory in Booneville, MS. They were also having a change of command ceremony and had no chaplain to help them with their prayers for dinner and officiating at the ceremony.

Some of you reading this will find this hard to believe, but here I am with 500 of our military packets for the American Legion and now get to be part an official Army change of command ceremony. Only God blesses these kind of blessings.

When it was all over, there were 40 soldiers who also received a Gospel packet.

American Legion Stocking Stuffers
The American Legion intended to add our packets to the Christmas stockings shared with Veterans. The coordinator of this community service also involved people from other American Legion posts in the area.

Lots of people showed up to help collate and stuff stockings, and I got to explain why we have the Gospel packets. These other Post representatives wanted the packets for their hospitals and for Veterans at their local Post. By the time it was all over, they needed another 500 packets.

Thank you for praying. If you’re not supporting this mission with your finances, PLEASE consider what is going on. All material that is shared with the Legion is totally free to the Legion. Hope you would consider helping us.

God has taken His Word and let ladies from five different cities take the Gospel message to others in those cities. Kinda interesting trying to stay on the same page with God.

Church Support While Traveling
I thought I’d look for a mission room at a local church to sleep in while visiting the American Legion, so I went to Unity Baptist Church and met a new Pastor who is interested in our mission. He didn’t have a room at his church so he paid for a local motel for the week and gave me a list of five more Pastors who might be interested in the mission.

When I was leaving the church service Sunday morning, the Pastor explained that they just finished their annual missions conference and would not be able to help our mission. But he hands me a check for $300 and says, “May God bless your work”. Can you imagine if the church starts helping what they might do?

January American Legion Convention
The American Legion Commander of Mississippi asked me to speak at the Mid-Winter American Legion convention January 13-17 in Natchez, MS and to bring a couple thousand packets. God is blessing me, and my dreams to get the Gospel message into the hands of those who have helped keep our churches and schools free and safe.

Please ask your church to pray about the upcoming meeting in Natchez, MS January 13-17 and that my time to speak will Glorify our Saviour.

Ongoing Prayers
Everybody reading this knows folks that are sick and some that are dying. Please continue to pray for my health.

The doctor told me two years ago when they dismissed me from the hospital, “Mr. Hayes we are dismissing you to go home. You can go home and become a couch potato, or you can go back to your mission, we hope you will go back to your mission.”

God is still opening doors; so, I guess The Almighty expects me to go back to the mission, Amen!

E-Newsletter sent on December 22, 2021 – Brother Patrick Hayes