Veteran’s Day, November 11th, is a perfect opportunity to thank a Veteran for the freedoms you enjoy in this country.

Our first Veteran’s Day thank-you event in 2012 allowed about 800 gospel packets to be shared with Veterans, over a period of many hours that day. Since then, Golden Corral and other restaurants gave us the privilege of partnering with them to be a blessing to the Veterans.

Thousands of Veterans have enjoyed a meal and have been thanked in person, at restaurants across America, while sharing the Gospel message with them. I know of 15 churches who are partnering with us to make this happen again this year; I wish there were more.

Please pray that Jesus’ kingdom will be added to through this unique witness opportunity. Please pray also that more churches, pastors, and leaders will take advantage of the door being opened for this to happen each year on this special day.

Healing Prayer Request
The stroke I had is still bothersome on the left side of my body. A sore growing on my right hand was recently cut off; and while this was a common procedure for the doctor, it wasn’t for me.

The surgeon told me that cancer had spread in the top of my hand and will require about two inches of flesh removed on November 17th. That doesn’t leave much skin left on the hand.

If it had been my stomach, I would let them remove 12 inches of flesh…we know how that area can grow as we eat!

GOOD NEWS Newspaper
We recently distributed 8,500 GOOD NEWS John and Romans inside Robbins Air Force Base in Georgia. Praise the Lord!

God has shown over the past year that the door is open in these military cities to exalt the Lord Jesus and sow His Seed through local newspaper companies.

As we get ready to print the next batch, we ask for your prayers for that part of the mission. I hope this newspaper gets into the hands of those who need to know about salvation through Jesus; and the Bible study lessons we will be including can help change lives.

E-Newsletter sent on November 8, 2021 – Brother Patrick Hayes