I want to thank all those who took the time to pray for our 2021 Veterans Day event. We were able to give our Lord 25 restaurants where we were given permission to be a blessing to our Veterans. This was accomplished by 18 churches. I hope the following info will be a blessing to everyone that receives our emails.

Gastonia, NC Golden Corral – 595 gospel packets shared; 75 picture frames of different school and churches saying Thank You for our FREEDOM
Shelby, NC Golden Corral – 350 gospel packets; 100 picture frames
Canton, OH Golden Corral – 600 packets
New Philadelphia, OH Golden Corral – 350 Packets
Pigeon Forge and Sevierville, TN – 1,440 packets
Easley, SC, Cherry Dale, SC and Greenville, SC – These three cites had Golden Corrals and a Texas Roadhouse, 875 packets
Walkertown, NC Golden Corral – 500 packets
Pensacola, FL Golden Corral – 555 packets
Semmes, AL Golden Corral – 525 packets
Mansfield, OH Golden Corral, Texas Roadhouse, IHOP Restaurant – 1203 packets
Longview, TX Golden Corral – 240 packets
Lincoln Park, MI Golden Corral – 450 packets
Lexington, SC Two Applebees, one Golden Corral – 875 Packets
Ft. Walton Beach, FL Golden Corral – 540 packets
Parkersburg, WV Bob Evans – 270 packets
Hickory, NC Golden Corral – 280 packets

I think I count 23 locations where Jesus was exalted on a federal holiday in America this 2021 Veterans Day.
I do not use a calculator to add with so I could be off a bit seeing I might have rounded off some of the 9’s in the addition. It looks as if God made it possible with the weather conditions and the number of labors that showed up to have 9,653 gospel packets shared with folks coming out of one of our restaurants this Veterans Day.

Some photos were given to us – thank you for sharing these! You can view them using the link in the button below.

Prayer Request for Future Events

Would you please add this mission to your prayers? The manager of our new Golden Corral and the new one in Shelby have both asked us to come back next year. We have other Golden Corrals in this country that I’m sure would love to have us come and do what we do with our Veterans.

Only God can make it happen that you can stand outside a place of business and hand out Bible literature on a federal holiday.

This could be done in every military city in America that has a Golden Corral, Applebee’s, Texas Road House. Many restaurants feeding veterans have welcomed our type of mission on their property for Veterans Day.

Please pray we will find churches that will help us with the finances and the labors to work at the restaurants in 2022.

Many of you have given money over the years to keep this all going and this year you have helped 9,653 people to have another chance at reading the simple plan of salvation. Thank you and may God bless each one that has helped.

E-Newsletter sent on November 15, 2021 – Brother Patrick Hayes